Level Seven Digital Labs (L7D) is a nonprofit internet service provider (ISP), a fiscal project component of the Harmless Little Project (HLP) from the CryptoRights Foundation, Inc (CRF) a 501c3 human rights technology nonprofit established in 1998. Originally, CRF’s fieldworkers did “muddy boots” social justice communications security work and were involved, as war crimes investigators and NGO communications security technologists, in places like Guatemala, East Timor, Darfur and Bosnia, earning CRF the nickname “cryptographers without borders”. In the early 2000s, CRF began doing security research and technology development, applying advanced computer security technologies (e.g. cryptography) to the protection of human rights and civil liberties on the digital frontier. HLP, started in 2014, is a group of CRF’s small tech R&D fiscal projects (like L7D), which together comprise an effort to build a global mesh network designed for/by the People. HLP’s goal is for the citizens of the world to someday host their own online presence (e.g. owning their own cryptographic keys) and connect to each other through a supernet that they provide to each other (like the built environment of our Society) — rather than enriching huge corporations that turn people into products and care more about making profits for the wealthy than they care about protecting People and supporting things like freedom of speech, democracy and net neutrality. The L7D technical platform is being built on Linux and entirely with FOSS (free and open source software) by human rights tech volunteers, including independent sysadmins and software developers. The platform will be released as a free FOSS download for the public named MIST (Micro Internet Services Toolkit). For more information on CRF, L7D, HLP, MIST, please contact CRF’s R&D administrator. Please host your services to help support CRF’s work to protect your digital freedom — and get a tax deduction that makes L7D’s services a fraction of the cost of comparable for-profit corporate services.

L7D: https://LevelSevenDigital.com (under construction)
HLP: https://HarmlessLittleProject.org (under construction)
CRF: https://CryptoRights.Foundation (under construction)