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Level Seven Digital Labs Privacy Policy v0.1


Note: This privacy policy applies to all domains hosted at L7D. Individual domain owners hosted by L7D may add their own policies to extend or amplify these protections for the human rights and privacy protections of all L7D Domain Owners and Users.

L7D’s motto is Serve the People, so we welcome your constructive comments as we try to develop the most User-Privacy-Friendly policy we can. Especially if you have any expertise on privacy policies, please leave a comment below!

What is Level Seven Digital Labs?

Level Seven Digital Labs (L7D) is a nonprofit internet service provider (ISP), a fiscal project of the CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) a 501c3 human rights organization engaged since 1998 in “muddy boots” social justice fieldwork such as war crimes investigations and NGO communications security, as well as in doing research and development into the application of advanced security technologies (primarily cryptography) to protect human rights and civil liberties on the digital frontier. The L7D project is part of CRF’s Harmless Little Project (HLP), an R&D effort to build a global radio-based mesh network designed for the People. We believe the citizens of the world can host their own online presence and connect to each other through a supernet they themselves provide to each other rather than paying excessive fees to huge corporations that worship profits for the wealthy and do not have the best interests of the People at heart (assuming a corporation could even have a heart). L7D is built on/with FOSS (free and open source software) and the software platform the project’s contributors are building will be released to the public as a free download named MIST (the Micro Internet Services Toolkit). For more information, please contact CRF.
L7D: (under construction)
HLP: (under construction)
CRF: https://CryptoRights.Foundation (under construction)

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