Welcome to Level Seven

Level Seven Digital Labs (L7D) is a software/hardware R&D project to develop a new type of Domain Name Registry with a range of exciting benefits fuelled by our innovative uses of advanced cryptography, artificial intelligence, micropayments, distributed supercomputing, permissioned blockchains and other technologies. Unlike all other existing domain registries, the commercial registry will go online at our extremely memorable three-letter-dot-com domain name AND our platform’s source code will be released as FROST (FRee and Open Source Technology), free for non-commercial review/personal use and licensable for commercial partners to use in-house). Even better: your contributions take the form of a restricted donation to our nonprofit fiscal sponsor* AND a venture investment in the commercial registry company, and are therefore both tax-deductible and include a range of other donor thank-you benefits**. In short: you can get a tax deduction, plus various other online services and valuable benefits by supporting the development and operation of a major human rights technology platform. And, the platform’s v1.0 release will just be the tip of a much larger tech ‘iceberg’… watch this site for more information as we progress!

Click the Donor-Investor button below to arrange an in-person presentation in California with one of our project leaders for yourself and/or your venture philanthropy/capital group.

* The CryptoRights Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit human rights technology organization founded in the 1990s by Silicon Valley cryptography activists.
** Among the benefits available: a venture philanthropy return on invesment through the flagship Registry that will hold the exclusive for-profit commercial license to use the technology platform. If you believe in Doing Well By Doing Good, don’t miss out on this opportunity!